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Big fan of Rio and tickling :)

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Would anyone like to do a tickle RP with Felipe and Roberto?
Just added a small story to the last pic like there was on the previous part
Can you resist? by Trela1
Can you resist?
this one is the contiue of my previous pic "morning tickles".  Jewel untied Blu to check how he can resist to tickles and he wants to prove that he can do that :)
here the story:

Blu: Okay okaaahahahahay, im awaahahahahake!
Jewel: Oh good that you are awake
She said with a smile while brushing him under his wings
Blu: Staahahahahahaphahahaaa!
Jewel: Aww why should I?
Blu: Because im tiihihihicklishhahahahahahaaa!
He shook his head left and right, trying to escape. He gave his best to lower his wings and protect himself but couldn't
Blu: Pleaaahahahahahasehahahaaaa
Jewel: Ummm should I stop?
She teasingly asked with a devious look
Blu: Yeeeheheheheheshahahahahahaaaa!
Jewel: Hmmm but you look cute when you laugh like this
Blu: I dooohohohonthahahahahahaaaa
Jewel: Oh yes you do
Hearing this made Blu blush a bit, he tried to keep his head laid to the side to hide it, but jewel already noticed it
Jewel: So sweet
She said and stopped, giving him a chance to catch his breath
Jewel: Okay, how about we make it like this. I'll untie you and tickle you for five minutes, if you say "stop" I'll tie you up again and tickle you all over until you cry for merci, otherwise you're free
Blu got nervous but knew if he declined she will tickle him like this anyway, so he accepted
Blu: Okay, we can do that, but what if I win?
Jewel: You'll be free
Blu: No, if I win I will wake up before you and tickle you for a full hour every morning for a week, for today I would tickle you after we finish
Jewel grinned, she was so sure that Blu can't win so she accepted it
Jewel: Deal
She said and untied him. She put her timer to five minutes
Jewel: Tell me when you're ready
Blu: I'm always ready
She smiled evilly at him. She stood next to the bed and started tickling his upper body. Blu giggled and turned on his belly out of reflex to protect it, not knowing that this is exactly what jewel wanted. She had now better access to his feet and grabbed his left one.
Jewel: Hehe I got you
She said and slowly stoked her feather over his foot sole
Blu: Eeehehehahahahahaaaa
Jewel: Tickle tickle tickle
She teased and tickled him faster
Blu: Noooohohohahahahahahaaaa
Jewel: Can you resist? I bet you can't
She said and grinned. She kept tickling his foot like this fit the first minute but realized that it's not enough. She then sat over his legs to have both his feet exposed in front of her
Blu gulped. He knew how ticklish his feet are and realized that he can't pull them away. As jewel started stroking her feathers all over them he broke out of laughters
Blu: Naaaaahahahahaaa, please doohohohohohohonthahahaaaaa
Jewel: If you want me to stop just say it and I will
She said with a grin, but Blu refused this
Blu: Not my feeehehehehethahahahahahaaaaaa
Jewel: Yes your feet!
She teased him, but still didn't make him say stop
The last minute soon came and tickled even faster, while also using her tongue to lick his feet, making him close to freak out
Blu: Thaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa
He threw his head on the bed and cried more and more from laughter while fighting to get away, but being unable to. He knew he can't take it much more since he already wiggled around like crazy
Jewel: Just say it
Blu: Naaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaahahaaaaaaaa
Jewel: I know you want it
And she was right, it didn't take long until Blu couldn't stand it anymore
Blu: You waaaahahahahahaaaaaaan....staaaahahahahahahahaaaaap!
Jewel immediately stopped and laughed
Jewel: Hehe more tickles!
Blu was exhausted and looked at the timer
Blu: Seems like I won
He grinned, and jewel also so the timer at 0:00
Blu giggled, he hugged her and pulled her down to the bed, tying her wings and feet to it's corners

Dont forget to welcome :iconrobertobluemacaw:, hes new on deviantart ;)

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