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Hello everyone!
My name is Nick, I'm Greek-German and a big fan of birds. I like all kinds of parrots, especially colorful macaws and I'm trying to represent some fun scenes, with their style based on the "Rio" movies. The reason why I joined Deviantart was to share some ideas. Are you also fan of birds and parrots? Or fan of tickling? Great! You are welcome here! Dont worry, I don't bite :)

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A blue fronted macaw was just having a nap on a tree. He slept for a good amount of time until some big steps woke him up. He opened his eyes, stood up, stretched himself and had a look around him. When looking down he noticed that there was a white-yellow dragon there. He first thought about throwing something down on him since he interrupted his sleep but then came with a better idea. He was working on a project, comparing reactions of different species, and knew it might be his first and last chance to capture a dragon. The dragon was about to sleep and closed his eyes while the macaw called two of his friends to help him.

The dragon slept. He had a strange dream, that someone woke him up, held a cloth against his mouth and narcotized him straight afterwards. Now with waking up and seeing that his leg is chained he realizes that it was actually not just a dream.

Dragon : Where am I?!
He asked, but received no answer

He had a look at the chain holding his leg. Although it was metallic he still tried to open it.

"Forget it, you can't escape"
He heard a voice through a microphone saying

Dragon: Who is there??
He asked. He looked around him but couldn't see anyone, he was in a small closed room.  In reality there was a semi transparent glass pane. The three macaws were in the next room and could see him, but the dragon couldn't see them.

Macaw: Tell me your name
He demanded

Dragon: Santa Claus

As soon as he said that a robotic arm appeared and slapped him

Dragon: Hey!!
He got a bit embarrassed

Macaw: Your better cooperate with us, so, what is your name?

Dragon: Zippy, who is there?

Macaw: Okay zippy, we brought you here for some testing. Be a good dragon and you'll be free again faster than you think

The dragon looked at his leg again, he knew he had no choice
Dragon: Alright, but you'll free me and I'll leave without any damage
He demanded, but the birds didn't respond to this

Macaws: Lay down so we can begin

Zippy then did that. He laid down and as soon as he did that metal restrains emerged from the floor and immediately locked, holding his ankles and wrists tight

Zippy: What the, free me now!

Macaw: First the testing
He said and pressed a button, making the robotic arm come close again

Dragon: Take this thing away from me!
He shouted, but the birds didn't react. With another button he made the hand touch his belly and make rubbing movements. Although zippy normally enjoys rubs on his belly he was too nervous now to show that, but seeing him arching his back a bit already let the macaws know that he likes it.

Macaw: Don't worry it only rubs you
He said, trying to make him less nervous, and indeed the dragon closed his eyes and exposed his belly.

Next the macaws would test how he copes with light pain. They made the arm grab the dragon's arm. Zippy first thought he was supposed to do a handshake, but then shouted a bit as the arm pressed his fingers together, although it was more because it was unexpected.

Macaw: I see you can cope with pain better than the average bird
He said, but zippy was rather angry with him now and didn't respond

Macaw: Don't worry, just a sensitivity test left and you're free.

Zippy: Sensitivity?

Macaw: Yes you heard right
He said, and with pressing another button he made the arm approach his belly

Zippy: Start away from me!
He gulped, he had no idea what would follow, but knew he can't do anything against it anyway. The hand then spidered it's fingers over his belly

Zippy: Eeehehehehehe!
He laughed immediately and urged to lower his arms to protect himself
Zippy: Tickliihihihing? Are you seheheroushahahahaaa?"

Macaw: I thought it would be the least unpleasant way to test your sensitivity

Zippy: Stohohohohop it hahahaha
He laughed and sucked his belly in, which didn't help him all

Macaw: It will just tickle, have fun
He said and made the hand stop

Zippy looked strangely
Zippy: Is it over?

The macaw pressed the next button which made the arm disappear and come again, holding a feather.

Zippy looked in horror
Zippy: Hey! That's not funny!
He said as he recognized the feather

Macaw: It is

Zippy: This is my phoenix feather! You have stolen it!

Macaw: Blah blah blah, you will get it back

Zippy: This is not a feather to play with! It's a weapon! It's not a normal feather...(blah blah).......

Macaw: Enough talk, lets start
He said and made the arm slowly approach him

Zippy closed his eyes, he hoped he would endure it. The feather finally touched him and made a circle on his belly

He immediately laughed loudly and shook his head left and right

Macaw: I see you are very ticklish


Macaw: You obviously are
He said and made the arm stroked the feather around his navel

He screamed and cried more and more unable to escape the feather's tickling

Macaw: Just a little more and your done
He said and made the arm stroke the feather over all his white and vulnerable belly, leaving no spot unfeathered.

He screamed much. He struggled against the restrains but couldn't make it stop. He had to submit to the mysterious capturer.

Macaw: I see I actually was right about your ticklishness


He finally admitted as his laughter got weaker. The macaws noticed that and made the arm stop. They narcotized the dragon again and untied him.

The next morning he woke up in his bed
Zippy : Oooh I had a nightmare... He thought until seeing that his Phoenix feather was missing
Dont forget to welcome :iconrobertobluemacaw:, hes new on deviantart ;)

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I had an rp idea we could do along the parrot tickling one: It would be Blu (with clothes) getting captured by a tickling goddess and brought into her world where she wants him to become a tickling god. Blu have no problem with it, but resists, as the goddess tickles him until he breaks. What do you say?
Trela1 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Sounds interesting, lets do it
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Blu is flying in the Amazon
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Could we do it in notes?
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