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The Favor Page 5 by ReallyReallyBigBang The Favor Page 5 :iconreallyreallybigbang:ReallyReallyBigBang 50 5 The Favor Page 4 by ReallyReallyBigBang The Favor Page 4 :iconreallyreallybigbang:ReallyReallyBigBang 38 10 Spyro Meets Dillon Drake by dizzyfeathers Spyro Meets Dillon Drake :icondizzyfeathers:dizzyfeathers 78 109 Banjo and Kazooie (bondage tickle) by WildPrey Banjo and Kazooie (bondage tickle) :iconwildprey:WildPrey 41 1 Wolf Tickling 3d Animation by foxypaws86 Wolf Tickling 3d Animation :iconfoxypaws86:foxypaws86 78 19 Tickling Reshiram's Feet: From Japan with love by foxypaws86 Tickling Reshiram's Feet: From Japan with love :iconfoxypaws86:foxypaws86 23 2 Roof Racked and Ruffled up. by Foot-paws Roof Racked and Ruffled up. :iconfoot-paws:Foot-paws 77 14 Terravolt Torture by Brohan-Aggron Terravolt Torture :iconbrohan-aggron:Brohan-Aggron 53 2 Leah being tickled by riocraft Leah being tickled :iconriocraft:riocraft 5 8 Art Trade Tundra And Raven by zeroa5raven Art Trade Tundra And Raven :iconzeroa5raven:zeroa5raven 29 9 Machamp tickles Greninja by MagicalSpiralShade Machamp tickles Greninja :iconmagicalspiralshade:MagicalSpiralShade 14 9 Baile Oricorio Remaked by MagicalSpiralShade Baile Oricorio Remaked :iconmagicalspiralshade:MagicalSpiralShade 15 3 Monster by skygalaxydark Monster :iconskygalaxydark:skygalaxydark 5 3 BluXJewelsketches by MadInKaCC BluXJewelsketches :iconmadinkacc:MadInKaCC 85 38 Rio: *Sweet* Blu and Jewel  pg1 by SA-Sketchcat Rio: *Sweet* Blu and Jewel pg1 :iconsa-sketchcat:SA-Sketchcat 34 4 Rio: *Sweet* Blu and Jewel by SA-Sketchcat Rio: *Sweet* Blu and Jewel :iconsa-sketchcat:SA-Sketchcat 34 16

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Parrot tickle by Trela1 Parrot tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 9 22 Puffin bird tickle by Trela1 Puffin bird tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 15 11 Revenge by Trela1 Revenge :icontrela1:Trela1 16 18
Poly tickles Ed
Poly was playing birdcraft on a regular afternoon when suddenly his door knocked. He paused the game and opened, it was his crow-friend Ed
Poly: Oooh hello ed my friend
He happily hugged him
Ed: Hello my little green friend, how are you?
He asked and hugged him back
Poly: Very good! I was just playing birdcraft, come in
Ed followed him to his computer
Poly: Have a look at this
He said and showed him a sculpture he created in the game which represented him
Ed: Hehe is that me? It looks awesome!
Poly: Thank you ^_^ it took me quite some time to make it. I also have another one
He said and showed him another sculpture near to this which was representing both the birds tickling each other
Ed: Heh is that us having a tickle fight?
Poly: Yeees
He grinned
Ed: Heh hey would you actually like to have a tickle fight
Poly: Oh yeeeei this will be fun
Ed: Alright, take of your t shirt
Poly: sure
He took it off and ed also took off his one
Ed: So, first who laughs loses, the winner can tickle the lo
:icontrela1:Trela1 5 22
Kille kille kille by Trela1 Kille kille kille :icontrela1:Trela1 18 1,016
Jewel tickle story request
This is a request of :iconAlexthesuperowl: who gave me the plot to make a small sory out of it ;)
It was a hot day so Jewel the spix macaw decided to go to the beach. She flied straight ahead to it and landed on the sand
Jewel: *what a beautiful day* she thought and slowly approached the water. She first put her talon inside to check the temperature was then ready to jump inside, but someone called her
Eva: Oh hello jewel!
She approached her and narrowed her wing
Jewel: Oh hello Eva nice to see you, how are you?
Eva: Very good. Hey come with me ill introduce you some friends
Jewel: Sure
She followed her. Then eva brought her to two other female macaws who were sitting in the sand. The one was a red macaw with adorable ocean blue eyes and a flower in her red hair and the other was a yellow macaw with blue streaks, with a flower necklace on her neck. They saw Jewel and Eva coming and stood up
Eva: Okay ladies this is Jewel
Red macaw: Oh hello Jewel i am Pamela
Yellow macaw: Im sarah, nic
:icontrela1:Trela1 9 48
Tickling Blu by Trela1 Tickling Blu :icontrela1:Trela1 11 37 Ho-oh and Greeny by Trela1 Ho-oh and Greeny :icontrela1:Trela1 5 39 Greeny and Ho-oh by Trela1 Greeny and Ho-oh :icontrela1:Trela1 7 21 Yoshi tickle by Trela1 Yoshi tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 12 29 Costa tickling Poly by Trela1 Costa tickling Poly :icontrela1:Trela1 10 78
Story request: Jewel's tickle time
Eva was just about to visit Jewel. She arrived at her home and knocked the door but no one opened.
Eva: Jewel!
She shouted but still no one opened. She soon noticed that the door was not locked so she opened it and got inside
Eva: Jewel!?
She still couldnt see anyone but got an answer this time
Jewel: Im here! Come and help me!
Eva then quickly opened the door to her room and saw her tied on her bed
Eva: Jewel?! What happened?
Jewel: Uuh nothing serious its just a prank of my son but please help me
Eva: Sure
She got to her and was about to untie her, but then she noticed how stretched she is and that her belly is slightly exposed. She looked at her with a devious smile
Jewel: Eva? Come on help me out of this
Eva: Not so fast
She grinned and teasingly showed her talons
Jewel: Eva? What are you planning? Dont even dare to...
She couldnt finish her sentence as eva already started stroking her talons over her belly, causing her to laugh
Jewel: Evaaahahahahaaa! Staahahahap thaahahahat!
:icontrela1:Trela1 9 37
Macaw tickle time by Trela1 Macaw tickle time :icontrela1:Trela1 11 567 Ed the crow having fun with Blu by Trela1 Ed the crow having fun with Blu :icontrela1:Trela1 15 19 Rio tickle animation by Trela1 Rio tickle animation :icontrela1:Trela1 28 179 Can you resist? by Trela1 Can you resist? :icontrela1:Trela1 22 63


Parrot tickle
This is a picture i tried with xnalara with a macaw being tickled by 3 other birds :) it is originally a 3d picture, if you want it complete just notify me.
i dont know who i haave to credit ill just credit the whole xnalara team and creators :)
tomorrow my admission exams start...this will be my worst week


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Big fan of Rio and tickling :)

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Dont forget to welcome :iconrobertobluemacaw:, hes new on deviantart ;)



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diegoff3sss Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You acept comisions?
Trela1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yes, what would it be?
diegoff3sss Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You think you're tickling Eve's Sahara .eva is a snake.
Trela1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Oh ive only made birds untill now but i can try, who should tickle her?
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kakamachen Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Ich hätte noch eine Idee also da soll ein Metall Rahmen sein und dan soll blu an jeden Flügeln und beinen mit einem Seil geffeselt sein so das seine arme und Beine so sind das jedes von denen an einer Ecke ist und dann wieder ein ballgag und jewel soll ihn dan kitzrln
Trela1 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Okay musd aber erst noch 'n paar andere bilder fertigstellen ;) wo soll sie ihn denn kitzeln?
Bird-Lover25 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Here's what he said with English translation 

I would have an idea so there should be a metal frame and then be blu on each wing and legged with a rope so his arms and legs so that each of them is at a corner and then again a ballgag and jewel It dan kitzrln
Trela1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Almost :D
Last meaned "then tickle"
Its a new request of him
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Bird-Lover25 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Don't forget about the animation we talked about 
Trela1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
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