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Tickling Blu
A new day just started for Blu and as usual he woke up before Linda did. He quickly got next to her and chirped to wake her up.
Linda: Uuuhhh Bluuuuu its 7 am...
She pulled him close to her. Blu smiled and chirped again, as he would like her to wake up and play with him. Linda then indeed woke up
Linda: Good morning Blu
She smiled at him
Blu: *Sqawk* (good morning linda)
He crawled under her hand
Linda then stroked him, which he enjoyed. He laid belly up and purred a bit
Linda: Aww does the sweet little macaw want cuddles?
Blu: *Sqawk* (yes)
He happily responded with a chirp.
Linda smiled and laid him on her chest and stroked him again. Blu then hugged and nuzzled her
Linda: Youre so cute
She said, making him chirp again and blush a bit.

After some minutes of cuddles she stood up. Blu curiously followed her to the kitchen, where she prepered breakfast for herself and him.
Linda: But first you have to take your vitamins
Blu: *sqawk* (no! Not those...)
Linda: Oh yes you will take them
She put them on a spoon.
Blu then quickly ran away
Linda: Hey, blu, come back!
She quickly followed him and soon she grabbed him and picked him up
Linda: You have to take them silly
She tried to give him them, but he avoided the spoon and didnt allow her
Linda: Alright, last chance
She said, but Blu turned his head away. Linda then grinned at him and put him on the sofa. She laid him belly up and started lightly tickling over his belly, making him let out some ticklish tweets and lift his feet up to his belly, trying to cover it
Blu: *sqawk* (that tiiihihihickles!)
Linda: Tickle tickle little macaw~
She teased him
Blu: *Sqawk* (naaahahahahahhaha!)
He tryed to escape, but however he moved linda just followed the movement
Linda: So, will you take your vitamins?~
She asked with a grin, but blu nodded a no
Linda: Too bad, i can continue like this the whole day~
She playfully said and moved her hands to his sides and underwings, tickling him there. Blus tweets got louder, he tried to cover his ticklish spots with his feet but it had little effect
Blu: *sqawk* (ghaaaahahahahahahaaa!)
Linda: Coochie coochie coo~
She teased and tickled faster
Blu:  *Sqawk* (Nat the teaaahahahahahasehahahahaaa!)
He blushed and flapped a bit
Linda: Will you take your vitamins?
She asked again, but blu nodded a no to provoke her into tickling him more
Linda: Alright, you asked for it
She said and tickled him all over his belly, sides and under his wings
Blu chirped louder from the tickles and also started releasing tears, but stilk enjoying it
Linda: Who is a ticklish little bird?~
Blu: *sqawk* (medeehehehehahahahahaaa!)
Linda: And who likes being tickled?~
Blu: *sqawk* (meeehehehahahahahahaaaa!)
Linda: Youre so sweet
She smiled and stopped. She stroked him a bit so he could relax. Blu then decided to be a good bird and took his vitamins
Linda: Bood boy
She smiled
Linda: Now lets play a bit outside
Dont forget to welcome :iconrobertobluemacaw:, hes new on deviantart ;)


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Yep i saw it ;) good one
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He needs this tickle torture 
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Just a pic im doing not a request
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