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Iggy Koopa Tickling Aria Koopa.  by AriaTheSweetGirl19 Iggy Koopa Tickling Aria Koopa. :iconariathesweetgirl19:AriaTheSweetGirl19 3 14 Blue Family  by AndreyStarsUniverse Blue Family :iconandreystarsuniverse:AndreyStarsUniverse 26 21 Mother  Daughter Talk by skygalaxydark Mother Daughter Talk :iconskygalaxydark:skygalaxydark 7 2 Official Lexi Ref Sheet by skygalaxydark Official Lexi Ref Sheet :iconskygalaxydark:skygalaxydark 9 11 Dracofeu by SenterVeris Dracofeu :iconsenterveris:SenterVeris 16 18 Feisty cockatiel by SenterVeris Feisty cockatiel :iconsenterveris:SenterVeris 27 9 Great green macaw by SenterVeris Great green macaw :iconsenterveris:SenterVeris 18 2 Captured and tickled by eternaldragonstear
Mature content
Captured and tickled :iconeternaldragonstear:eternaldragonstear 36 19
Pokemon Drawings - Popplio by joshbluemacaw Pokemon Drawings - Popplio :iconjoshbluemacaw:joshbluemacaw 13 1 Parrot by Kamel21 Parrot :iconkamel21:Kamel21 22 8 City Feathers: The Team CITY BIRDS by SammfeatBlueheart City Feathers: The Team CITY BIRDS :iconsammfeatblueheart:SammfeatBlueheart 50 55 PrisonerFox by WufFeet PrisonerFox :iconwuffeet:WufFeet 24 4 Titanium by skygalaxydark Titanium :iconskygalaxydark:skygalaxydark 3 3 Me as Blu from Rio by joshbluemacaw Me as Blu from Rio :iconjoshbluemacaw:joshbluemacaw 3 2 Ehhh, What's Up, Doc? by joshbluemacaw Ehhh, What's Up, Doc? :iconjoshbluemacaw:joshbluemacaw 7 0 The Ticklish Penguin Bros.! by joshbluemacaw The Ticklish Penguin Bros.! :iconjoshbluemacaw:joshbluemacaw 2 0

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Koopa tickle animation by Trela1 Koopa tickle animation :icontrela1:Trela1 21 90 Anthro parrot tickle by Trela1 Anthro parrot tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 22 58
Tickle-hunting game
Blu and his friends decided to play a game of hunting-tickling which already lasted 3 days. They were separated in two teams and one player of each team had a four-digit code the other team had to find out to win. The players can freely hide themselves or capture their opponents and take them to their base to tickle-interrogate them for the opponents team code or strategy.
This morning Blu and Niko from team 1 carefully checked a path of the rainforest, but again they didn’t find anyone
Niko: Uuh we will never find them…
Blu: Relax Niko they have to be somewhere, it’s a matter of time
Niko: We should have agreed with a smaller game-area..
Just as he said that they could suddenly hear laughters
Blu: Hey! Have you heard that too?
Niko: Yeah seems like someone got captured!
Blu: Come come quick!
They quickly followed the voice of the laughters and after a minute they reached. They saw Felipe from team 2 having captured their teammate Amber, a female white dove who was ti
:icontrela1:Trela1 8 2
Eagle tickle animation by Trela1 Eagle tickle animation :icontrela1:Trela1 22 7 Playing by Trela1 Playing :icontrela1:Trela1 6 9 Nico tickled by Trela1 Nico tickled :icontrela1:Trela1 15 7 Blu tickled again by Trela1 Blu tickled again :icontrela1:Trela1 12 45 Ed tickled by Trela1 Ed tickled :icontrela1:Trela1 15 348 Rio tickle animation 2 by Trela1 Rio tickle animation 2 :icontrela1:Trela1 23 56 Sahara 2017 tickle by Trela1 Sahara 2017 tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 14 16
Request- blus birthday
Today was blus birthday and before he could even wake up his friends all came to give him their wishes. Jewel woke him up to tell him
Jewel: Blu blu wake up your friends came!
Blu heard her and opened his eyes, he stood up and stretched himself
Blu: Good morning my love
Jewel: Good morning and happy birthday
She smiled and gave him a big hug
Blu: Thank you very much :aww: Lets see who came
He said and got to the door, he opened to his friends
Blu: Hello and good morning everyone
He opened the door widely so they can come him. It was Rafael, Roberto, Felipe, Eva, Pedro and Nico, and they all gave him their wishes. The birthday party lasted quite long untill late morning, before the guests left.
Blu: Bye friends thank you very much for coming!
He waved his wing at them and after they left he got inside
Jewel: Now that we are alone, i have something for you
She smiled and gave him a present
Blu: Ooh thank you, what is it?
He curiously put his ear on it and shook it a bit
Jewel: Go ahead a
:icontrela1:Trela1 5 6
Rafael, Iago and Zazu by Trela1 Rafael, Iago and Zazu :icontrela1:Trela1 14 17 Parrot tickle by Trela1 Parrot tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 11 34 Puffin bird tickle by Trela1 Puffin bird tickle :icontrela1:Trela1 16 11 Revenge by Trela1 Revenge :icontrela1:Trela1 21 38
Poly tickles Ed
Poly was playing birdcraft on a regular afternoon when suddenly his door knocked. He paused the game and opened, it was his crow-friend Ed
Poly: Oooh hello ed my friend
He happily hugged him
Ed: Hello my little green friend, how are you?
He asked and hugged him back
Poly: Very good! I was just playing birdcraft, come in
Ed followed him to his computer
Poly: Have a look at this
He said and showed him a sculpture he created in the game which represented him
Ed: Hehe is that me? It looks awesome!
Poly: Thank you ^_^ it took me quite some time to make it. I also have another one
He said and showed him another sculpture near to this which was representing both the birds tickling each other
Ed: Heh is that us having a tickle fight?
Poly: Yeees
He grinned
Ed: Heh hey would you actually like to have a tickle fight
Poly: Oh yeeeei this will be fun
Ed: Alright, take of your t shirt
Poly: sure
He took it off and ed also took off his one
Ed: So, first who laughs loses, the winner can tickle the lo
:icontrela1:Trela1 5 22


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Today is my 18th birthday :)
If anyone whants to rp with the koopalings note me ;)


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Big fan of Rio and tickling :)

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Dont forget to welcome :iconrobertobluemacaw:, hes new on deviantart ;)



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